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Basita fellows worked together to produce a mini album of 5 tracks that will be performed during Bab ElBahr Festival. They exchanged ideas to develop and produce new lyrics, arrangements, and melodies. This collaboration is reflecting the amazing fusion between the fellows’ different culture and values of the fellowship encouraging exchange and collaboration. 

The tracks are as follows:

1.    Dooby(EGY) - Rawan(Jordan) - Akrem (Tunisia) = تناديني

2.    Benjemy (Tunisia)- Mohab(EGY) - Tuqa(EGY) = Our time , زماننا

3.    Tuqa(EGY) - Atef (Jordan) = تعبنا ندور

4.    Electro Zebala (EGY,France)- Akrem (Tunisia) = حبك غزانى

5.    Benjemy(Tunisia) - Yassen (EGY) = يا خل

This EP is funded by Drosos Foundation