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Terms of reference for Business Development Model and Financial Plan

Terms of reference for Business Development Model and Financial Plan

for Basita.live Platform

Implementing organization: Agora for Arts and Culture Funding agency: DROSOS Foundation
Deadline: 13 January 2022

1. Introduction

DROSOS FOUNDATION is a private not for profit organization dedicated to supporting community development and committed to enabling disadvantaged people to live a life of dignity. Based in Zurich, Switzerland; DROSOS seeks long-term impact through its supported projects in Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Switzerland and Germany. In Egypt, DROSOS is operational and active since 2005 serving a wide range of beneficiaries including marginalized youth, women and children.

DROSOS FOUNDATION’s strategy focuses on promoting creative skills among children and youth and supporting their economic independence. DROSOS FOUNDATION in Egypt promotes its Creative Economies programme as the link between the two main themes and with the intention to utilize creative competencies to ensure economic independence of youth in various creative industries as handicrafts, performing, visual arts and filmmaking to improve living conditions in defined geographical areas. It is within the framework of this programme that DROSOS has partnered with AGORA for Arts and Culture to implement the 20 month project “The Virtual Agora: Basita.live” to support young and emerging artists in Egypt and the wider MENA region to access enhanced economic opportunities.

2. Summary of project

Stemming from the challenges faced by performing artists in the MENA region and driven by the context of COVID-19 pandemic in particular, this project addresses long standing needs of local young emerging artists for capacity building as well as the more transient challenges to income imposed by lockdowns and restrictions on travel, as well as limitations of the digital environment in terms of disvocerability and algorithms. The project supports 20 mid-level art groups1 in Egypt, and other MENA countries with a fellowship programme aimed at enhancing their professional skills and economic viability. In parallel, it aims to develop https://basita.live, a virtual platform which aims to display the creative content of performing artists in the fields of music, theatre, dance and spoken word in the MENA region, connecting them with a vast audience and giving them the chance to generate income on their work. In so doing the project addresses both individual needs and the enabling environment for the performing arts creative industry, directly impacting the regional programme on creative economies. Having added many features to the platform over the past 12 months beyond performing arts (eg. Talks, courses, competitions), it is now ready to become financially self-sustaining where it encompasses other revenue streams such as physical ticketing.

3. Purpose and objectives of the assignment

DROSOS is seeking the support of a business development consultant to support the Basita.live team in developing a business model and a sound financial plan that will enable the partner to leverage the current services on offer through the platform to become a viable financially self-sustaining business. These key documents will serve to guide the project team during the implementation of a potential second phase of the project expected to start during the third quarter of 2023. The business plan will be an integral part of an application for a second round of funding in the near future.

4. Scope of Work

The consultant is expected to conduct all of the following:

  • Baseline assessment of the current state of play, strengths, weaknesses and potential of the Basita.live platform.
  • Support the Basita.live team in the development of its business strategy with a business model canvas.
    • Review the value proposition and USP;
    • Review existing and explore potential partners, competitors, clients;
    • Review and define customer segments;
    • Identify and refine revenue streams;
    • Review cost structure;
    • Develop appropriate and competitive pricing of all products/services;
    • Develop the financial plan with expected revenue streams, cash flows and key financial indicators.
  • Develop a detailed financial plan for 3 years.
    • Expected revenue streams, cash flows and key financial indicators;
    • Identifying potential for breakeven point;
    • Critically review assumptions.
  • Marketing and sales strategy
    • Develop online/offline marketing strategy
    • Develop a communication strategy for the marketing and sales.

5. Methodology

Interested consultants are expected to submit a detailed methodology of how they propose to undertake this assignment. The methodology should be participatory in nature, ensuring full engagement and ownership of Basita.live team, particularly given the very specific nature of the arts and culture sector. The participatory nature of the assignment will guarantee relevance to the context, building on existing strengths and the buy-in to achieve the full potential of the platform.

6. Deliverables

  • The consultancy team will work towards delivering the following deliverables:
  • Inception report and plan for the assignment.
  • Baseline report outlining the current state of play, gaps and potential of the Basita.live platform.
  • Business strategy document and summary in the form of business model canvas. Financial plan for 3 years with clarity on assumptions and breakeven point.

7. Timetable

  • The assignment is expected to commence in February 2023 and is expected to last for a period of 2 months.

8. Consultants’ proposals

Interested consultants should submit a proposal including the following:

  • Capability statement and background information on similar tasks performed.
  • Proposed methodology that would result in successfully addressing the intended deliverables as specified in the terms of reference.
  • The composition of the team appropriate to complete the required tasks (if applicable). CVs for the proposed Consultants.
  • Level of effort (broken down per person to desk review, preparatory meetings, field research, report writing, communication/ dissemination etc.).
  • Detailed budget.

9. Deadline

Deadline to submit proposals is January 13th, 2023. Technical and financial proposals should be submitted via email to the following persons:

  • -  Yasmine D’Alessandro, DROSOS Programme Manager: dalessandro@drosos.org
  • -  Reem Kassem, Director, Agora for Arts and Culture rekassem@agoraorganization.org