The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has encouraged both creatives and consumers of culture and creative content to an increased online interaction. Since mid-March 2020, the virtual world with all its platforms, has connected us like never before, dissolved physical borders, and made some sector fundamentals no longer applicable. We realized that we have become one, and so we should stay in the post-pandemic era; the “New Normal”.

In the “New Normal” for culture, is facilitating the ecosystem for a “ONE GLOBAL CULTURAL SECTOR” to emerge and develop. The platform allows artists, performers, institutions and theatres to reach beyond their physical attendance, and still sell their tickets to their audiences world-wide. To achieve this goal, we are aware that there are a number of challenges that we plan to address through our community mandate.


1- The Culture of Paying for Online Creative Content

We understand that in many countries, audiences are not used to the culture of paying for online creative content. In other countries, cultural and artistic events are not part of some people’s life yet, and hence they are not used to paying for performances or cultural events. It’s time for this to change, and for societies to recognize and acknowledge the impact arts and culture have on our lives and the importance of artists, cultural practitioners and cultural institutions on our socio-economic ecosystem.

Through teaming up with artists and institutions, will address this challenge.



2- Support to Young and Upcoming Artists

We understand that at the beginning, major users and beneficiaries of this platform will be artists and institutions who have the audience base that is willing to pay for online content and is large enough to generate income for those artists and institutions. Young and emerging artists and institutions will face some challenges in building an audience base that is willing to support them online.

To overcome this challenge, has introduced the following support mechanisms:

“Host Partner” refers to Cultural Organizations, Theatre, Independent Spaces or government venues who act as a liaison between “” and artists in their community to offer them logistical, technical, and administrative support, such as, but not limited to:

  • Offering their venue for recording or live streaming their creative content / performances
  • Offering their technical support to organize the technical production of the creative content
  • Offering administrative support such as organizing payments, and cross-promotion of the events

- “Creative Incubation” refers to a programme of joint collaboration between young and established artists where young artists get the chance to learn by doing.

- “Mentor Artist” refers to artists who agree to offer a number of mentorship hours to young and emerging artists from the platform.



3- Support to the Creative Freelance Community plans to have a list of registered freelancers such as technical experts, custom designers, make-up artists, and other support expertise to the sector. Artists who employ freelancers in their events on our platform will receive bonus points to be redeemed in the form of additional percentage on their income.